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Come answer “frequently asked questions” that you may have as a celebrity runners new page will inform you about.

Should I stretch before a run, silk?

A typical muscle stretching The muscles are also provided to gradually stretch after stretch body warm hips. Thighs front and back, along with the use of a diverse range of administrative acts, such as A form and posture, run, jump, B. Cool in warm bodies before you run.

The doctor explained that “If you stretch every day. Will run faster By further explained that Every time we ran Muscles are minor injuries After repairs Muscle contraction is short And the tension in the muscles more. We need to stretch the muscles to release it, otherwise an injury to arise easily.

Sprint is not good for my knee?

Sprint can reinforce the strength of the muscles splash the knee and increase bone neutral, so even if my endeavors of the athletes may be risky but p to run at a ratio which recovery will help you stronger. Ask for medical trusty before you begin entering your running path.

Should I eat before a run, silk?

Although the answer to this question will vary depending on each individual. You should not feel hunger or longing to till Before a run, if it is the best. A little snack that contains complex carbohydrates and protein, 1.5 to 2 hours. Before a run, power to you seems to be running till the end.

Rush makes me eat all what you want?

Not a run, does not mean that you can eat your favorite junk food the way. Food is fuel. Therefore, food nutritious foods to help you run better. But remember, the important thing is the balance, therefore, If you want to eat the cake, some considered pampering yourself!

The best way to carry water and phone while running what is.

If you don’t want to run by tote bags filled with multi-purpose, it also has many options for Carry whatever you want. Try looking for shorts with pockets, pants Armband wearing, Smartphone and the water bottle belt lightweight.

The difference between running on a treadmill with an outdoor run what is.

Treadmill pull you under the foot pedal and eliminate wind resistance, which is excellent for a date. Are you coping with bad weather or want to minimize the impact, because most treadmill mat? rush Outdoor, you have the opportunity to explore new territory and admire the scenery.

Why do people run as a group.

Perhaps these men may’ve to pass without notice. But now you start seeing people from early morning runner clubs they already. These people have a variety of experience levels, shapes, age range, and the earnest but these runners are one thing This means that the same community.

Why do you have to wear luggage?

Some runners training with long distances, so carrying a bottle of water for belt carry, snacks and water, you also do not need to use these devices. But the major drinking water to runners, everyone You do not need to carry water to the nearby running with short always. But you must carry drinking water to the runner. When possible, plan a Sprint, Your faucets and drink or cash intended to buy water when you’re running.

Why is my shins angina inspectors?
These symptoms is called runners as Shin inflammation, inflammation, it is not fun, and shins occur you when the speed and increase.Practicing too soon. One of the ways to avoid it is to gradually. ADD training carefully good is never run beyond 10% of the distance you privy run.

Why is the above pain.

This is the normal symptoms, especially with newbies, because your body is not accustomed to the friction that arises from the Marathon If you are cramping at the flanks, breathe deep, abdominal ventilation from all times.

The breathing. The friction that causes you pain above may cause abdominal unsettling with the understand the pain.

Your Seriously though, don’t worry: We all go through the point. Overtime, you will learn how to eat Before you run to avoid these problems.

These questions are helpful and are the basics of running. Everyone must understand and pay attention to running. And always be careful. Every detail we OKOK.RUN It’s a great way to run and think that all of us are good for beginners.

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