Started as a runner

Started as a runner?

I Before we can become a runner need to be prepared prior to the training course of course, the fact that you as a race runner running and see the eye page cheep then. Then through a training course than you think. Sports is a special medication is true.

The starting point of the runners is over nights. Don’t think that we can change ourselves by rushing it, and it will grab the shoes to run it like you guys wrong. But, his body is not yet ready. It’s no more than 4-5 minutes, certifying that the leg muscles, lungs, abdomen, pain, screaming,


Started as a runner


Walk to run!

Rush is like building a home, you need a stable base. Starting from walking, and walking in them should be put to run periodically, such as walk to see rush minute warm up 4-5, 2-3 min and then continue walking. Do it gradually and alternately Increase the amount of running time, longer each time, until you can run throughout the training.

Of the week

1. Run 2 mins/4 min walk
2. Run 3 mins/3 minutes walk
3. Run 4 mins/2 min walk
4. Run 5 mins/3 minutes walk
5. Run 7 mins/3 min walk
6. Runs 8 mins/2 min walk
7. Running 9 mins/1 min walk
8. Run 13 mins/2 min walk
9. Run 14 mins/1 min walk
10Run 30 Minute
In practice, this time if there was pain before completing a run, we run away too much exertion or not this time, heavy training workload down, might run slowly or to muscle floor options. During drills, it does’t forget to Warm up and Cool up here. A quick call to the nervous system, the vortex will give you a shallow body to secrete substances to MLB side is energy or fat digestion in order to prepare the lubricant according to accelerated joints to pump blood to transport oxygen to the muscles and help prevent injuries that would occur with the new front runner, and many people often skip this step.

How to Warm up & Cool down

Stretch to cool down the body gradually adjust for heavy operating conditions normal complications by walking for a few minutes, followed by a stretch. Another advantage of the cool down is to eliminate waste metabolism during intense run.
The Warm up is possible by.
1. Extend the line 10 minutes before exercise.
2. Keep pace in the middle level.
3. Make Dynamic Stretching apart from stretching or static stretching the current mix with movement from light to heavy.

Combination course

New front runner know how to blend the way to run my old path allows us easy and boring is to familiarize yourself with the body, too much. Bear in mind that running the biggest local difference The always-running different routes. 10 KB, that we are on a path not only tired new route 10 KB.

Switching on the run despite the same distance will give us experience in adjusting the feeling. Mental conditions, training, muscle training, touching the road surface may have both up and down a hill. Rough or smooth surfaces the time off work that locals aren’t panicking.

Little trick for the new front runner

  • Muscle aches (Soreness), and most are missing between the host range or not quick during the break before the next cycle training, cycle. If there are symptoms during the Sprint, the level of training down. Organize a new running form is walking or jogging lightly. Pain is a signal example American that you have developed. If symptoms haven’t gone away, even, except for training or relaxation training intensity level, and then give a break, and then turned, instead, they practice a day two days cross-training. Pain disappears.
  • If there is pain directly disbursed (calf knee boots Palms). Direct pain points is considered normal, and after the break the floor will disappear. When there is pain, relaxed training run or walk or stop and relax instead of training may be a cold compress to reduce pain, inflammation, or can switch to other kinds of sports. However, swimming and cycling, other muscles work? Anti-inflammatory painkillers should be used when it is necessary, but if the pain comes up in the presence of a persimmon (sharp pain) during exercises, change from the rush to visit 2-3 minutes before cleaning but if it persists or down should stop exercising immediately and return home. In this case, still not recovered from the injury, despite his past, then daily, immediately go to a doctor,
  • The run was a code of conduct in the use of the route running combined. Only that there is no hand signals like a bicycle. It should not be run by a major road, the use footpaths instead. Even the night they run lights or safety belt insert with. The runner in a park is considered a great place to run around a lot. We should not rush traffic Park The more time there is a group of people should be run by a bunch sprint in the same direction ran to the right or left. Do not fasten the middle line or block the path and open the way for people who run fast passes.

Running posture

The runner is considered the sporting body’s natural movement. Therefore, it should be viewed as running form natural. Training, natural running form fluid movement will help reduce injuries and make us run faster with.

Header: the header is the eyes must look to the opposite page. Do not tilt the head, neck and Chin ran open vents are convenient in oxygen transport buildings.

Shoulders: the shoulder compound rear Tends to tilt forward, feeling that there was momentum across the page, but don’t rush humpback ran posing, shoulders and chest to help the lungs expand and fully extended with no lung-press. Makes breathing and more.

ARM: The arm should set the elbow 90 degrees of the swing to the back of the screen, as the legs of the arms crank to the left right will allow us to lose the momentum or the inertia forward to the hand.

Trunk: must run straight (Run Tall) trunk should be linear to slightly tilt the front (Leaning forward), with a forward momentum. Humpback, or may run folding options, even tired, however, because it will throw your breathing.

Waist: the waist should be straight forward to move the page back or no tilt up, down, left, right.

Feet and legs: Sprint needs to feel at Quick Step & swing rhythm short (short strike) is a straight front foot back into the trunk, we. Behave starting from the feet and fore foot Mid foot tries to avoid getting down at a heel drop because it will directly impact leg.

Find your inspiration

Finding the inspiration to development encourages us to run faster. The more friends a runner or the Club will improve running form and have the opportunity to practice with. By a group of friends or a club can be found on the Web pages as a general Facebook lol.

Nearby inspiration
  • Built-in inspiration can be found, such as. Enabling the living of the RuntasticEndomondo, Nike+ that will collect statistics and use it to compare each training. Some apps to stimulate running.
  • Sprint Music affects particularly psychology helps us make better performance. With active ingredient stimulates the glands, Mummies and helping trick we are fatigued.
  • Find a new pair of shoes Choose the right shoes for you, there must be a trial and error, go for a while. Shoe style with Sprint, you will greatly increase the speed and reduce injuries

People of all ages can become a runner. Whether you’re running fast or slow is the same runner. Start runners today. OKOK.RUN


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