Plans to run 10 stages

Plans to run 10 stages

Plans to Run 10 steps – What is your run?
But the hardest part is the start of the jump, and start running. let’s go…

The run phase 1: go for a run. Start with the run and return point is easy to run and follow the road.
Each slowly warm up to your body and mind with the idea of a run.

Run Step 1 of 10 (Quick Run)

The Run phase 1: 

Go out for a run First rule of a run … run!

Sounds easy?, but the hardest part is getting started, so much of. Jump over obstacles and start jogging. To prove his own wonderful lace shoes and step out of the door.

What to expect.
We will start by simple rush to back out, the point is to run along the road. And slowly warm up to your body and mind with the idea of a run.

Exercise workout.
Before you begin, set up the Running your Set the time as a base runner. Sprint is at 5 minutes, then turn and run back.

Tips for Trick !!
Don’t worry that you will run far or quickly today. The effort should make you feel comfortable and If you don’t feel comfortable it would reduce strokes until you feel comfortable. The victory of today is to step out to move your leg, Shin If you do that, you win, then you very well and to celebrate victory and greatness of this talk the other great thing about not being cool.

Run Step 2 of 10 (Speed play Run)

The Run phase 2:

Fun runs according to the rhythm. Think that the street is your own personal dance floor.

Now, draw the pattern of the find the tempo and experimented with a variety of paces by rushing to get into the Your custom playlists go Go with the music.

What to expectation.
Mix the pace throughout the marathon runners, known as slow switching speed. (Which means “Sweden Fartlek” quick play and is one of the fun words. Library terminology of rush) teach your body to change the tempo speed.. slow acceleration and relaxation. Speed, and these efforts will be beneficial to your development as a runner. Music is a tool that will help you reach your goals.

First song: slow, second song: fast, third song: slow, fourth song: fun and fast.

Exercise workout.
Start your playlist and start jogging last song is slow, then speeding the pace up when. A fast song. Let the rhythm be your stride rate Guide Sing along if you want.

Tips for Trick !!
Running check to see if you have the fastest paces between for music rhythm soon or not.
In the details screen, or Run your phone Details, rotate to landscape mode to see how your stride rate change? During the rush.

Step 3 of 10 (Recovery Run)

The Run phase 3: 

Adjust overclocking, Issues are not about to run fast, but it’s always possible to run smarter.

This exercise is about finding your stride rate throughout your run. Which has not always run fast about it’s about run smarter.

What to expect.
During heavy exercise (run fast or far-Sprint) Recovery is important, being one day, which is not. Means, always. You can run short and let your body recuperate with today. This exercise. Designed to help you maintain and control during the rush to regain power.

Exercise workout.
8 minutes long and run back. The original route used to go back to the beginning in the latter half of the runners should. A little faster, but not sooner than one minute from the time you run. Your goal is to relax and Maintain a comfortable pace throughout the rush.

Tips for Trick !!
Your latest sprint trick is speeding! and nothing will help you recover from a rush like a rush to regain strength.Main goal take a leisurely ride to help your legs recover for the next big run.

Run step 4 out of 10 (Long Run)

The Run phase 4:

You have already map you go through all the pace and distance. Whether it is meaningful to you now the scheduled departure time distant.

Whether 1 or 5 mile challenge it’s all the same you will soon discover that. (If you still can’t find it.!) The rush is all about learning to push ourselves to do more longer and faster. The important thing is to enjoy the run.

What to expectation.
Exercise is designed to introduce you to the long run.I do not feel disturbed by the distance. Optimistic be creative so go to the goal.

Exercise workout.
The run is arts and now is an artist, your main goal is to provide a longer (or beyond) ever no need to pay attention to the distance Use the Running App to design a creative path, a long-distance runner. Your first became a masterpiece to share with friends.

Tips for Trick !!
Plan your route, make it simple. Imagine the space between buildings on soil or a bare space where you will encounter during. Running, it will give you, and don’t forget to factor in the build path that will allow the art of your run. Perfect target is planned by not overdo too (or just run to aim. Reach the finish line), you should be comfortable with stepping your run as well as the more distant past, a time not earlier than or harder just beyond only.

Run step 5 out of 10 (Adjust level Up Run)

The Run phase 5:

Leveling up high. You have reached the half-way of the challenge to run 10 times.

The good news is that after all of this is easier, and when talking to runners-up … Please prepare. Coping with crowds Why do we excuse will not say that the reason is fun, but because? This run was important, push yourself to go to the top and then celebrate. The success that you conquer.

What to expectation.
To add a Sprint uphill or slope with your training will make you a stronger runner. End of news is not only a challenge to your cardiovascular system, but also to the reinforcement of the buttocks and improve the effectiveness of your run.

Exercise workout.
Uphill rush/ladder/slopes at just the right height as soon as possible, and then trot down to recovery are. Repeat 4 times trying to find a path that is at least 30 seconds long, no need to cry announcement of victory after a successful run, but will be a very good impulses.

Tips for Trick !!
While running uphill Don’t go forward prospect too much. A slight inclination, by bringing the Chin, chest. It’s a short step to not load too heavy legs. While keeping the rhythm quickly forth and use your arms to generate centrifugal force When running down the Hill, focused on the control of breathing. and reduce your heart rate down.

Run step 6 out of 10 (Short Recovery Run)

The Run phase 6:

Rehabilitation Mission. The main goal is to give your body a chance to recover.

The more he makes you think about running on a flat surface? As your lucky, because today we are running to rehabilitation. You may need to adjust the pace? But the main goal is to give your body the opportunity to rebound.

What to expectation.
The majority of the runners will run for rehabilitation because of the simple outdoor run every time. It will help you recover from a heavy rush on the last. At the same time, it strengthens the power for the next time. It also allows you to become familiar with the Sprint distance in kilometers instead of miles with.

Exercise workout.
If you use the run as your running aid, set the display to kilometers. And the distance runs by 3 kilometers for the first mile to run a casual run, and then try to run miles further faster.

Tips for Trick !!
Make it harder to regain strength. Runs at a faster pace than at startup. So you only need patience.

Run step 7 out of 10 (Speed Workout Run)

The Run phase 7:

Release the run. Welcome to the harshest of running the most brutal.

Sometimes you just need to unleash the animal spirits in the forest itself to run faster and most violent liberal. as far as possible. We are talking about the most aggressive power mode. The rush of today will focus on the promotion ran into serious speed with your routine. Don’t worry. You have to like.

What to expectation.
As you have learned already. A slow switching speed is that you can switch between multiple levels of speed to run at the same time. This Sprint will challenge gives you shuffle gear throughout the run, like in the Sprint 2 and to teach your body to adapt. Get comfortable with the pace faster and slow.

Exercise workout.
Heavy runner, 1 minute long, then quickly regain (power trot or stand steadily and breathing set. Do it so that you are ready to blow the power again) long 1 minute, repeat 5 times.

Tips for Trick !!
Don’t try to restrain your own speed. Sometimes a woman?. Of course, you may feel slightly tired after sprint finish but ran fast it is the most common and will make you stronger, relax, remove them, listen to your body and let go.

Run step 8 out of 10 (Run Farther)

The Run phase 8:

The Hunter distances. It’s time to run farther.

Yes, it will. You’re going to hunt seriously distances This is a goal rush and you will get a run farther than you ever ran crush those waste target.

What to expectation.
Here is your remote. The goal is to achieve the long distance runner, and the pace of it, you should comfort. Enough to make more than ever. You are strengthening your patience with. Every step you run increases.

Exercise workout.
Find a Sprint that far in your Running stat, and then run and broke it, Whether you’re running more than the original five minutes or five miles, you should feel good. This isn’t about the rush of speed but running to win the best of you aim to Sprint, distances and rebound when necessary.

Tips for Trick !!
Want to achieve impulse run long distances? Imagine a remote that you saved in a single app’s. Martial arts and you have to overcome. We know it’s strange, but every runner, people have a thirst for competition and touching on that side of yourself can let you down more. Don’t stop until you have overcome. The best stats of your opponents and you will become the new you better at the end of the run. You have to show the chase of runners.

Run step 9 out of 10 (Track workout)

The Run phase 9: 

Do you know how we tell you how strong you are?

You‘re the best place to run in a jogging track400 meters oval shape is intended for a real runner, and you just deserve to be there. Take your shoes to the next hand and take your mind. You will discover the speed on your jogging track.

What to expectation.
Treadmill workout and it’s not the way, and it’s not the easiest to run both 10 but you run. This is a matter of pushing the pace of you in a short time. Rebound afterward, then went out with their customers faster than when you arrive.

Exercise workout.
Wash your body with a comfortable two rounds and stretch your muscles to 200 m with a heavy and fast step followed by a walk or 200 m. to revive performance. Repeat 6 times. Relax with two more comfortable runs.

Tips for Trick !!
If you do not know where to find a treadmill. Find a flat ground where you can warm the body with 5 minutes of stretching, then one minute of hard and fast and 1 minute of running. Repeat 6 times, relax with 5-minute jogging.


Run step 10 out of 10 (Freestyle Run)

The Run phase 10:

Run as you are, you’re just about to conquer. Just now you will conquer then.

See, we told you that or have to run 10 times will not be difficult. What is needed is the catalyst? Support and it’s practiced. Ask us: “I’m a runner,” what to do it is celebrates your running pace with runners lace up style and run along the way.

What to expectation.
Today is yours. Run anywhere, everytime everything with anyone you want. No matter what you do know that you will stronger and healthier after that.

Exercise workout.
Today is a freestyle run. Choose your own adventure. Pick a new route you want to try. Run with a faster friend.(Or ever faster!) You or just wear headphones. Then run with your favorite song a few miles You choose it You are the runner yourself.

Tips for Trick !!
A runner must simply run. This is just the beginning of your path and cross the finish line, it does not have an end date … There is only a new Starter.
The goal is to make you and your friends will keep you motivated.

OKOK.RUN - Ok run for running over ok

All of this is our passion for you, for good runners, discipline and patience, trying to keep going for yourself and your health and / or other goals.

The importance of running is running without a cue. Do not give up on all the excuse. We hope today Tomorrow we will run together.


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