A Guide for Beginners Runners

A Guide for Beginners Runners.

Many people are interested in running for any reason. Some of you may want to be inspired. This is a very positive and negative result for the run.

We have advice for everyone who is interested to learn. We are ready to encourage you.

A Guide for Beginners Runners.

Preliminary recommendations for those who start exercising by jogging 

1. Preliminary health checks should be so aware of the limitations and the ability to start the workout.

2. The use of equipment that is appropriate to the structure of the body and the type of rush.

3. Study the sequence of steps that are required to run a fun and happy.

4. Run the ability’s cost, existing bodies should not be impatient and overdo it or the surrounding dementia.

5. When there are unusual symptoms such as dizziness, palpitations, the dark page. Eye-pattern or injury should break immediately.

6. Remember that running is a simple exercise that everyone who walks can run.

7. Run a workout that is seen clearly in better health. If it is correct and consistent practices.

8. Run a workout that is easy to create consistent and can strengthen social.

9. When good results herself should be recommended to the people around you, see a benefit from the rush.

Practical tips before running.

1. Drink 30 minutes prior to running. Volume 100 – 200 cc.

2. Start from adding body temperature by switching to Sprint topped so organs to get more, such as muscles, tendons. Joint mobility, flexibility increases efficiency. To work and prevent injuries that may occur.

3. When you are feeling hot and put up came play exercises from simple rotating swivel arm, shoulders, children, such as Delicatessens, swivel waist, knees, ankles, stretching management body, arms and legs slowly.

4. Start out walking or jogging slowly steps of the program are built appropriately.

While running.

1. Avoid sunny tries to run indoors or in well ventilated areas.

2. Wear clothing that is not or too loose, and should be cooled as well, such as cotton should not wear clothing that is thick and baking heat.

3. When thirsty, drink less frequently or every 10-50-20 minutes while running.

4. If there are symptoms of palpitations, the dark page. Eye-stripe chest pains should stop running and lying down on the ground, covered and well ventilated areas.

5. Run around in casual poses no violation flexed. Try to keep breathing with a natural rhythm that feels relaxed and. The most comfortable

6. Don’t try to resist rushing when feeling exhaustion, injury or fatigue.

7. Should find a place that is safe. Ground running smooth No rough or the bustling traffic.

8. Have a running partner with one person or group. Running clubs will make the run more tasty and fun.

Ends running.

1. After the run, the muscles should be loosened and the pulse rate reduced to normal. By stretching muscles and exercising simply.

2. Drink a little water slowly after running about 100 – 300 cc.

3. Eat healthy foods all the way. Avoid cigarettes and alcoholic beverages.

4. Rest and sleep well. Avoid unnecessary sleep.

These initial recommendations are useful if anyone who is starting a sprint. And we want to know that okok.run care and willing to give advice and learn together good morale. Always Remember that we are friends of everyone.

Have fun running and exercising. Let’s run !!!!

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