An incorrect belief of the runner

An incorrect belief of the runner. 
You may hear about the truth and real matters is real. See what’s true or tricked.

Serious runners are put only on short shorts. True or deceptive.

The shorts are even more focused, but you don’t need to wear a muscle coat and run a race pants to be the right runner. It’s just a glance at the store catalog. The costume options for running sports will let you see that this sport has become something that all kinds of athletes have access.

You must run with that when the traffic lights are attached.

This looks quite funny, but it’s true for relaxation and breathing instantly during a run it’s not wrong and your number will not be damaged.
The typical Running App can be paused when you stop running and press Start again when you resum  running.

Running, making the stomach turbulence.

The truth is everything can happen but try to get ready if you run off the remote.
Plan your route in a public toilet if you will run a natural path don’t be afraid to be a natural one.

The distance is the only important thing.

The slow belief focuses on a long period of time not to be interested in an unnecessary distance meaning that you should not iron the final drop to get more numbers. The number does not represent the quality of the exercise. The true measurement of running is your feelings and effort you go down.

You should eat carbohydrates as much before the race. True or deceptive story ?.

Eating enough energy and sleeping enough is very important before you enter a starter line but you do not reach the impact.
You will run in a marathon or far farther. Eating too much of carbohydrates can make you run slower in a shorter run-time tournament.

The runner is the solitude. Yes or no?

Actually, running is a great way to escape from chaos in your mess. But running as asocial sport join a running or competition club and you’ll see what the running communities are bustling and popular.

I’m so entertaining I was not a real runner. Is it true?

This could be the most unfortunate misunderstanding many people think that the rush must be boring and serious runners are those who like pain as explained, but running should. will be fun if you start correctly develop to be a recurring friend, seek rhythm and start seeing the progression you will love running.

You think that runners like you, and I believe anything more than going to run out

An incorrect belief of the runnerThese are just an ideal beliefyou‘re a runner, and all the goals are free, you can take your feet out, and then run no real faith or trick to apply to you.

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